One Mind to Earth, is anyone there?

The one mind refers to ‘the unified field’, God, The Universe, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Krishna, the Source, the All. Embraces all religions, and is called the one mind or the unified field because we truly are… all one.  The planets are moving in quite a profound way and saying “pay attention and change your ways”!  The Solar Eclipse and new moon in Aquarius which falls on January 25 & 26 is the out-pouring of Aquarian waters and spirit onto our planet; sending us unexpected surprises and pushing us to unite in a humanitarian way. It sits at 6 degrees Aquarius. That means if you have any planet or an important point in your chart at 6 degrees, the Aquarian water bearer is speaking to you!

For your interest, the solar eclipse of January 25-26th falls into the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan, Albireo is  fixed star in Cygnus and is  also known as the ‘ Song of  Dying Swan’. Our beautiful swans are falling so ill, as wildlife experts try to save them. The swans and the universe have a message for us: “Please stop what you are doing, please change…be aware,” as all living things depend upon humanity’s willingness to give our planet a chance, to give peace a chance, to save our beautiful planet and all that lives on it. 

The lunar eclipse and full moon in Leo occurs on February 9th,   6:49am PST at 21 degrees Leo. (If you have any planets, points, or other space objects at 21 degrees in your chart, you will know something is going on!).  The earth will move between the sun and the moon, and cast its shadow on the moon, therefore blocking it from our vision. The moon reflects our emotional nature, the emotional body, and all things to do with the moon, family, the past, women, care giving, the public, and our homes, thus bringing emotions up from the past to be revisited and healed.  We may feel some edginess, and know things just don’t seem to be going our way. We can’t ignore our misplaced values and priorities. Maybe there is hope that we can become unified, focusing on humanitarianism, our animal kingdom, and environmental issues. After all, it seems to me that children, the sick, the less fortunate and our animals are issues of far greater priority… than big bonus cheques, and lavish spending!  Also, pastimes like gambling, stocks, and sports will perhaps take the heat of this fiery sign. Eclipses are also known to bring erratic weather patterns, thunder, lightning, floods, and earthquakes.

Mercury has been retrograde since January 11th; we often feel the effects of Mercury R about a week before it actually changes direction… It has been causing much havoc, with sudden events, communications foul ups, confusion and mix ups in social and technical events, it prompts us to take stock of our values and priorities. This is a time for transportation strikes, mishaps, and aeronautic events, such as the Hudson River landing, a saving grace orchestrated by the skilled and intelligent Pilot Chesley Sullenberger. Aquarius and especially Mercury in Aquarius brings on flashes of intellect, intuition and brilliance. Aquarius also has a message for us: things with wings – airplanes and birds are in the spotlight, and nothing is impossible. Here is a perfect example of how eclipses can bring forth very difficult and dangerous experiences, but also have been seen to bring about ultimate moments of karmic success and sometimes miracles!  Pilot Scully was up to its tests of Aquarius. He deserves the applause. President Obama, who represents the Archetype of the Aquarian water bearer, (see below), has now been sworn in twice! Here is another example of an eclipse bringing a person with extraordinary talent and charisma, who is riding on the wings of Aquarius, and also richly blessed with the flashing inspirational, intelligent and sometimes genius mind of those influenced by the Aquarian sign and the planet Uranus. He has had the vision to rise above the chaos and strive to bring about order in a world needing change and transformation. Obama’s Pluto is at 6 degrees of Virgo, and inconjunct to this eclipse point… meaning an adjustment needs to be made. Yes, this is certainly what we need.

Mercury will go direct on January 31st – February 1st at 21’45” degrees in Capricorn, and keep in mind it takes Mercury a few days before its back to normal speed.

In March Venus is stepping back from mars as she starts her retrograde motion on March 6th at 15 degrees Aries. You will probably start to feel her pulling away about March 1st, as she begins to slow her speed in preparation for her about turn. 

On March 23, the North Node moves into 7 degrees Aquarius which symbolically means   ‘the emergence of global man”; the emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos. (Reference, The Sabian symbols, Dane Rudhyar) and also refers to someone or something which hits at the truth of life, something universal. (Reference, Degrees of the Zodiac, Donna Henson) 

The Archetype of Aquarius and President Obama 

Aquarius is best known in mythology as the ‘Water Bearer’.

 Aquarius was once was, and I suppose still is known as a handsome young youth called Ganymede. He was the son of Tros, the first King of Troy and lived in Crete by Mount Ida. One day while Ganymede was working in the fields, Zeus cast his eyes upon him and immediately fell in love. He kidnapped him by turning into Aquila the Eagle and flew down, grabbed him and took him into the heavens to become the cupbearer to the Gods. The constellation known as the Crater is sometimes referred to as this cup, and after reading the mythology of this constellation, one may consider ‘the cup’ as the Holy Grail… the spiritual wine or elixir of the philosophers’ stone. Ganymede’s position was to pour wine for the Gods. Today, persons who relate to this archetype are those we see ‘pouring spirit (the waters of Aquarius) on humanity.’

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