Our Annual 20th Potluck

Every December we hold a potluck at the Guild. This is a wonderful opportunity for our members to socialize, share readings using astrology and divinatory tools. For the past few years we have also had a gift exchange with a twist. Wrap up a White Elephant, meaning something you wish you could re-gift, don’t know why you ever bought it or no longer want to house at your home. Naturally you can also go shop for one… This year we are also trying out a ‘clothing exchange’—an outfit or garment that if you had the time you’d take to a consignment store. So bring along that clean jacket, outfit, scarf, etc. and pin its size on the front and see if you can find something to take home from another’s collection. We are also playing astrological chairs… Bring something for our potluck table, your tarot cards, runes, or your chart for shared readings.

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