Cheryl Sanderson – How to Give a Reading With Grace!

How to give a Reading with Grace!

Cheryl will share with you what she had learned about reading/delineating Astrology Chart for her clients.  You will learn how to be in a state of validation and fun during a reading.  You will learn to see the positive side of challenging issues.  Your clients may create miracles in the present moment, no matter what the aspect.

Let your enthusiasm not be about Astrology nor what you are seeing energetically; let your enthusiasm be the client leaving happier than when they came!

This will be an experiential evening.  Bring your questions, bring your chart; there’s bound to be someone with an answer.   Hopefully, we will learn LOVE is the answer, to everything…


 Cheryl began her spiritual training when Hollyhock was known as ‘Cold Mountain.’  Her Astrology passion began in 1976.  Having five (5) planets in water signs, plus the Moon’s nodes, led her to exploring spiritual paths, Eastern and Western.  She taught Astrology classes, wrote columns for local newspapers and FAB magazine.

She has been teaching guided meditation since 1997.  She took every program offered at The Vancouver Leyline Spiritual Centre 1990-2002.  Cheryl is a College Graduate.  She has been a long time member (one of the original members) of the Vancouver / Fraser Valley Astrological Guild, way back in the 90’s…   You can contact Cheryl at (604) 761-1998;


Please note that due to unavoidable circumstances, Phyllis Chubb, cannot do the lecture; hence, Cheryl Sanderson is replacing her…




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