Predictions and Progressions

My September workshop at the Fraser Valley Guild explored the topic of Secondary Progressions and Predictions. We discussed the Day-for-a-year symbolism and its ancient roots as a symbolic time system. (Other progressions less widely used by astrologers include tertiary – day for a lunar month, and minor – one lunar month for a year.)

A key feature of working with secondary progressions is the way planets actual movement in relation to each is maintained. That is, in the sky, the Moon moves faster than the Sun and this relationship is maintained in Secondary Progressions (but isn’t in Solar Arc directions).

As a predictive tool, secondary progressions are especially effective when combined with major transits, however they are insightful on their own. In the workshop, we discussed a simple ‘compare and contrast’ technique which is quite insightful with all personal planets.

Compare and Contrast
Using the simple but often overlooked qualities of the Zodiac Signs – elements and modalities – consider how your progressed Moon sign compares to your natal Moon sign. How do the elements get along? Are you in a progressed Moon water phase (high emotion/sensitivity) versus your natal air Moon element? Or has your progressed Moon moved into a fixed sign versus your natal mutable sign? Imagine what moving from fire to water or mutable to fixed feels like. That’s symbolic of your current inner emotional state. The progressed Moon moves about a degree a month, completing a full revolution of the Zodiac (and therefore your chart) approx every 27 years.

This technique works with progressed Mercury, Venus or Mars too. Venus is fun to work with by progression because of her link to relationships.  Compare and contrast the element and modality of your progressed Venus with your natal Venus. What qualities have changed? Do they match up with other influences in your chart or are they totally different? Imagine what it would be like to say have birth/progressed Venus in a cardinal sign until your mid thirties, perhaps being a leader in love and impatient in matters of the heart, then Venus progressing into a fixed sign where patience regarding romance is possible and stability/settling down more important.

Progressions are also fun to work with re the angles – the Midheaven (MC) and Ascendant. Just recently, my partner has been experiencing lots of progress and movement in his secondary career, one he ultimately wants to move into. I checked his progressions and sure enough, his MC just recently (literally days ago) progressed into a new sign. Sometimes this can explain that ‘some thing’s shifted’ phenom we notice but don’t always understand.

These concepts and more are the work of Secondary Progressions – to show you the unfolding of your inner landscape.  Have you considered the impact of your progressed planets on your life as it stands now? If so, tell us about it below!

One thought on “Predictions and Progressions

  1. Kelly’s workshop was a wonderful adjunct for my students taking the predictive course. Changes in the MC are powerful–my husband’s MC progressed to a new sign the other day and he is launching to new careers this week. Very interesting and predictable.
    For me personally my SP ASC and MC changed signs a shortwhile back and I am currently looking at how I can buy a retail shop. It might turn out to be a pipedream but it is a quilt shop and it is my hobby.
    I also created a comprehensive listing of changes for Sirius 1.1 software, which is currently available for my software customers. I hope our readers choose to share their progressed stories in this forum and/or on our facebook page, the big banner link is on every page.

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