Quincunx – The Black Sheep of the Aspects, Thursday, September 9, 2021, 7:30pm – 9:15 pm – Via Zoom

Quincunx – The Black sheep of the Aspects

Many astrologers use only the Ptolemaic aspects in astrology. But- if you’re not using Quincunxes, especially in natal astrology, you are missing a big part of the story in a person’s chart.  Join Tracy in exploring what this 150-degree aspect creates,  and how to delineate it. What can it mean when 2 key parts of one’s personality have nothing in common, and can’t see each other.

Tracy Quinlan Bio: 

Tracy is a lifelong student of people and culture.  She has always been entranced by what astrology provides in understanding self, purpose, and social and cultural cycles. Tracy’s first career as a hairstylist allowed her to dialogue with people and learn astrology through real-life analysis of events and personal characteristics.  In the middle of that 25+ year career, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology.  She is now a full-time Astrologer, former president of the Edmonton Astrological Society, lead coordinator of the 2019 Canadian Astrological Conference, horoscope writer for the Llewellyn Astrological calendar.  Tracy has worked on the AFAN steering committee, is certified by OPA, and wrote the 2019/20 forecast column for OPA magazine.  She is currently studying sound healing to add to her astrology practice.


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