Round Table on Venus Rx this Thursday March 12,09

Have you noticed any changes in the last week? Venus has been preparing for her backwards motion and stations today at 15 degrees Aries. That means if you have any planet or point in your chart at 15 degrees of anything, then you will feel her nudging you. … for better or worse.

She will retrograde all the way back to 29 degrees Pisces and then move direct on April 17th.
What are some of the possibilities with Venus retrograde you ask? You may hear from love interests and friends from the past, or see someone that reminds you of someone from your past, opportunities to meet someone new, health issues for some, finding or losing jewelry, hearing from or dreaming of someone from the ‘other side’, money coming or going, making decisions, and well, much more!

Please come and share your stories, and learn more about Your Venus, and join our Round Table on March 12th, at 7:30 pm.

See you there and bring your friends!

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