See you in September

Once again we are on our summer break, no programming in July and August. In September Anne Massey will be presenting a talk on the Tango of Venus and Mars. Amidst the big global changes to the landscape of our world, it can be illuminating to look at the interesting cycles of Venus and Mars that are ever-present in our lives. Mars will  be spending 8 months in Virgo starting with November 11, 2011 and next year Venus has her second occultation in Gemini and will spend four months in that sign. Mercury will have a big role as the ruler of these two signs. The most recent cycle of the two began in sensual Taurus…  

Mark your calendars for Rob Hand in October, and if you haven’t registered for his workshop and Friday night talk, check out –an interview with Rob Hand will be posted on our site in July. You still have a change to submit any questions you’d like to see answered during the interview scheduled for June 28.

Also remember to schedule free days for Lee Lehman’s two talks and two-day workshop in March 2012. Details at

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