September 11 and 13 Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton is an Astrologer from the United Kingdom. He is a former Vice-President of the Astrological Lodge of London and has spoken and taught on a number of subjects, including various classes, workshops and lectures on both Astrological & closely related Astronomical topics and techniques in the UK, Europe, and in North America. Andrew is the founding organizer of the Astrological Lodge of London’s “Astrology and Healing” seminar, an annual event celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2014. Website

Andrew will be presenting a talk on Thursday September 11 and a workshop Saturday September 13, 2014. Register for workshop with early bird pricing by June 12, 2014. He is available for consultations during his stay in Vancouver. Open the printable poster 2014-Andrew Morton Workshop Flyer.

Thursday Night Talk September 11, 2014

“Up Close and Personal”

The Inner Solar System of: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth/Moon and Mars, defines much of our unique individuality in a horoscope. This talk closely examines those most personal of “celestial bodies” and how their positions and inter- relationships in the “heavens above” at that moment in time of our incarnation is represented in a Birth Chart.

We explore our Solar System, the particular characteristics of each of the personal planets in their unfolding cycles, and how these translate into what is embraced by individual charts and plays out through lives on planet Earth. How faithful are we to our essential selves? 

Saturday Workshop September 13, 2014 10 AM to 5 PM (doors open at 9:30 AM)

Beyond the Naked Eye” – workshop with Andrew Morton

“Harmonic Astrology” – an integrated approach to aspects and aspect patterns in Natal Chart interpretation, using an extended aspect set combining the Ptolemaic with the so-called ‘minor’ aspects, reveals a hitherto unseen world contained within, more complex, more comprehensive.

The Ptolemaic aspects with which we are most familiar (sextile 60°, square 90°, trine 120°and opposition 180°, plus the conjunction 0°), are themselves derived from the ability to fairly straightforwardly measure the angular relationships between visible planets and points in the heavens through the sometimes rudimentary astronomical techniques that our ancestors employed.

To move beyond the rationale of our naked eyes and the principles of “seeing is believing” and to integrate those aspects that are less readily visible, such as the Quintile, Septile, Semi-Square, Novile and so on, with the classical visible aspects of our inheritance, enables a more complete perspective on what is enshrined in a horoscope. What innate truths, inner motivations, talents and potentials might be lying there?

We explore the angular relationships between the celestial bodies of the solar system, both seen and unseen, through the integrated use of both conventional and “Harmonic” techniques to provide an illuminating “Harmonic Astrology” approach to the interpretation of Natal Charts.

We also discover how compelling these can be in the partnering of one person with another, in uncovering the often unrecognised undercurrents in relationships and interactions between people.

Andrew Morton will be available for Private Consultations during his visit in Vancouver

If you would like to know in more depth about what might be happening in your life at this time, where you might be heading, or if you have any particular questions that you would wish to be addressed then please feel welcome to schedule a confidential reading with Andrew.

A Natal Chart Reading is typically of 60 minutes covering in focused detail: what are the key potentials encapsulated within your birth chart, where are you now on your life’s journey and what are the significant opportunities and challenges over the coming months.

“Harmonic Astrology” Reading of 60 minutes – a deeper, more intimate perspective on what is enshrined in the Birth Chart. Innate and essential inner truths are brought into the light of understanding. The talents, joys, dreams, and magical potentials that are lying within

Costs for either Reading:

  • Discount Price for Guild Members via PayPal – $120
  • Special Cash Price for Guild Members – $100
  • Dates currently available: Friday 12 September & Sunday 14 September 2014

To schedule a Personal Consultation with Andrew, for an update on location and availability, or if you have any particular questions or requirements prior to scheduling a consultation please email:

Andrew’s address whilst in Vancouver – TBA

Sign up for the workshop

Pricing members $80, senior members $60 and non-members $100. Register for the workshop and pay with PayPal.

Workshop Fees

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  1. We had a wonderful workshop with Andrew on the Saturday and his talk was also well-received. In fact our members would like to have him back for another one in September or October 2015. This just might work out for Andrew as well.

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