September – December 2010 by Julene Packer

Venus is visible in the evening sky low above the WSW horizon at sunset in the constellation Libra. She sets around 6:45 pm (local daylight time) on October 1st. She stations retrograde on October 8th and will disappear from view in mid October. Venus returns to the morning sky on November 4th , rising around 6:20 am (local standard time) in the constellation Virgo. She stations direct on November 18th. On December 31st she rises around 4:05 am (local standard) in the constellation Libra.

Mars is visible in the evening sky low above the WSW horizon in the constellation Scorpio until December 5th. On November 1st Mars sets around 7:15 pm (local daylight time). On December 5th he sets around 5:35 pm (local standard time).

Jupiter is retrograde in Pisces until November 18th, and visually lies between the stars of the constellations Aquarius and Pisces during all three months. Jupiter is visible low above the ESE horizon as night falls on October 1st. He’ll be higher in the sky and due SE during the twilight at the end of November. By the end of December he will be just east of due South at nightfall. Jupiter sets around 5:20 am on October 1st (local daylight) and around 11:15 pm (local standard) on December 31st.

Saturn is visible in the morning beginning October 19th when he rises nearly due East around 6:25 am (local daylight) in the constellation Virgo. He rises around 4:00 am (local standard) in mid November and around1:10 am (standard) at the end of December. Saturn remains in the constellation Virgo for all three months.

Mercury is visible in the evening sky low above the WSW horizon from November 1st through December 14th.During which time he will travel through the constellations of Libra through Sagittarius. On Nov 1st he sets in the twilight around 6:30 pm (local daylight). On November 20th Mercury will conjunct Mars and they will set around 5:45 pm (local standard). Mercury stations retrograde on December 10th and conjoins Mars once again on December 13th, both set around 5:35 pm (standard) that evening. Mercury returns to the morning sky on December 26th at 6:45 am (standard) a couple days before his direct station on December 30th. He’ll be visible just before sunrise above the ESE horizon in the constellation Scorpio.

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