Sue Tompkins workshop, June 11-13

Sue Tompkins will be in town June 11-17, 2009. Have you registered for the workshop yet? Read more about the upcoming event at –this is a wonderful opportunity to learn chart analysis from the author of  The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Flare Publications 2006). Her previous work, Aspects in Astrology (Rider) first appeared in 1989. Widely regarded as a classic it continues to be an international best-seller. She is currently working on other titles – one on Techniques (Forecasting and Synastry) and one on homeopathy and astrology. Visit Sue’s site for more details about the down-to-earth, lively and humorous astrologer from England. Sue’s email is

The registration form for Sue Tompkins workshop on June 13th is now available for download

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