Support Local Astrology

by Alison Price

Think Global, Act Local.

A while back there was a bumper sticker that said “Think Global, Act Local.” It was in reference to pollution and what you can do about it. The idea being that you have to think about the global implications of pollution but you can only really make changes in your local environment.

Perhaps not the best correlation, but the theory is the same. As an astrologer or an astrology student you can think of how you would like Astrology to be viewed globally (taken seriously, taught in schools, accepted in mainstream or covered by medicare etc.) but you can really make a difference locally.

There are several international astrological associations dealing with research (NCGR, ISAR) public relations (AFAN), education (CAAE) and news (ANS) from the astrologer’s perspective, but that is a discussion for another day.

Supporting local astrology means: 

  • Getting involved with your neighborhood astrology group or chapter if you have one.
  • Creating a space to form a meeting in areas where there are no recognized astrology groups.
  • Reaching out to other astrology practitioners and making contact.
  • Getting to know those who can support your practice by their different skills and interests.
  • Gifting your time to speak or teach at an astro get-together.
  • Attending local astrology conferences and special events.
  • Serving on the board of groups (if there is one).
  • Supporting the year end celebrations or other milestones.
  • Participating.

All the above may sound like a lot of work or be of out of your comfort zone. You may feel inadequate or so new a beginner as to have nothing to offer. But that is not so.

We all benefit from cross pollination of ideas and techniques. Knowing others in the astrological community takes away the isolation that can plague many budding astrologers. Finding you are not alone and having someone to talk to about your craft is a comfort.

What to offer to your local astrology group

If you live in a city the chances are there is an established astrology group having meetings, lectures, a newsletter and seemingly organized. So what can you offer them?

Get the their start chart. Every astrology group or organization has a “Birth chart” (or an election chart as it may be known) and they will probably have this chart posted on their website. If not the actual chart then at least the chart details with time, date and place.

Look at the group’s start chart and see where your natal Sun falls in their chart by house. For instance, if your Sun is in the group’s:

  • 1st house – Offer to redesign their logo or give them an image overhaul.
  • 2nd house – Offer to be treasurer and ensure they charge enough.
  • 3rd house – Offer to edit the e-newsletter and build community.
  • 4th house – Offer to be their historian or caterer.
  • 5th house – Offer to organize the annual parties and competitions.
  • 6th house – Offer to serve on the board or be secretary.
  • 7th house – Offer your skills as a public relations co-ordinator.
  • 8th house – Offer to research and unearth new life in both speakers and events.
  • 9th house – Offer to teach a class or expand their visions.
  • 10th house – Offer to help promote the organization and stand for president.
  • 11th house – Offer to co-ordinate with other astro groups nearby and fix the website.
  • 12th house – Offer to curate the library of books and recordings etc.

Where does your Sun fit into the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild’s chart? Would you like to contribute your time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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