Taurus enters the picture

We had a successful beginner workshop on Saturday and a delightful Thursday evening at the Guild. It was so inspiring to hear why our members choose to study astrology and how it has enriched our lives. On Saturday, Christine, Claire, Sukhwinder and Lidia elucidated the basic elements of astrology and I presented an overview of astrology and its many definitions. Dawn Muncaster also stopped by to answer student questions. It was truly a wonderful day. Thanks to our members and the new students who have all opted to join the Guild. We look forward to seeing you at our monthly talks. Our ‘season’ ends with June and resumes in September… Next month Denise Grams will be presenting a talk and workshop on family dynamics and we hope to see you there. See the post above or open the flyer for details.

I stated in the headline that Taurus enters the picture, because so much of the planetary energy has been in Aries for far too long… it has been ‘go, go, go’ and finally a little reprieve with Venus and Mars in Taurus. Mars will stay in steady-footed Taurus until June 26. Uranus in Aries is naturally with us at length, so we can count on sudden changes out there in the big world and to an extent in our private lives. There was a full Moon early this morning at 26°Scorpio 13′. The three lunations that follow (June 1 @11°Gemini 02, June 15 @ 24°Sagittarius 24, and July 1 @9°Cancer 13) are all eclipses—we can expect an eventful period. These repeat from 19 years ago–1992. We can reflect back and get potential clues for how it all plays out.

I am busily quilting and getting ready to work my trade table at NORWAC. Many of us are driving to Seattle in two weeks for the NORWAC conference, and our newsletter should be out in by then…

So old notes about Taurus from my website www.astrologicallyspeaking.com

Taurus is a Venus ruled sign, it is fixed and practical in its approach.  Taurus takes pleasure in nature and is basically fond of the good life. Taurus likes good food, sex, music, movies, books and money—often in that order. A Taurus person needs to be to be near nature, have time to enjoy both the Sunrise and Sunset, and be given the opportunity to own their own little piece of Earth to plant, weed and nurture. An Aries type of person might meditate through martial arts, a Gemini might chant a mantra but give a Taurus a nice garden, a watering can and beautiful flowers, and they will have their meditation. The earthy Venusian energy is very sensuous. To them the sense of touch is important. Whether they are cooking a meal, painting a masterpiece or making love, they like to take their time and don’t like to be rushed into anything. To rush them is to rock the boat.

This is a reliable sign. They like the role of the provider, just as much as they like to have the kitchen the centre of their home. If we rotate the flat chart by placing Taurus on the Ascendant Leo is the zodiacal sign, which falls on the 4th house cusp—therefore it is easy to see why the home would be the castle for Taurus. Most Taureans enjoy cooking for friends and family, and always have enough for the unexpected visitor. Whether wealthy or poor Taurus rising and Taurus Moon people in particular, appear to be born to the good life, others will presume so in either case.

Taurus is self-sufficient and wants to develop their own resources and earn a living, and desires to see practical results. Taurus has self-esteem, is easygoing, although somewhat inert and even lazy. The Taurean energy is very strong-willed, determined and resourceful and can be very possessive. Contentment for a Taurus is so simple — piece of land, a small vegetable garden and a comfortable house, with a few antiques and few paintings, maybe the ones you yourself painted. A contented Taurus is very loving and affectionate, loyal and steadfast. While Taurus is often associated with wealth due to its connection to the 2nd house this does not equate that Taurus is wealth in the materialistic sense, only that Taurus like all fixed signs holds onto things thus accumulating possessions. The Taurus key statement after all is — I have. Taurus is an earth sign—and I would relate it to land holding the homestead something personal…

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