Thaya Edwards -Astropsychology: Do We Need to Change? – Thursday, October 11, 2018 (Lecture)

Astropsychology:  Do we need to change?

This question is a complicated one (isn’t it?) and the answer cannot be simple. During this meeting we’ll be discussing only one aspect of human personality related to four natural elements and four temperaments. According to a divine plan (and our own souls’ goals) we were born with certain qualities, but…will they serve us properly? Though the answer to this question may not be obvious, it is possible to discover it from one’s chart. So don’t forget your charts and your math abilities: we’ll be doing some simple calculations.

I believe that figuring out the balance of the elements should be the first step in chart reading. If we add modalities as different life strategies, it will give us – or our clients – something to think about right away…

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