The Guild celebrates its 19th anniversary in October 2010

Please join us for dinner and a talk on October 14, 2010 at Stefanos Restaurant to celebrate our 19th anniversary. We have booked the downstairs room at Stefanos restaurant for our October meeting, our evening program begins at 6:30PM, and we hope to see you there around 6PM. In order to secure the room for our function, we need to ensure that we have a minimum of 25 people in the audience. We are at 20 as of today. Please email to say that you will join us for dinner, please send of copy of that email to  as well. Dinner at Stefanos costs around $20-25, appetizers around $10.

Anne MasseyAt 7:30 PM Anne Massey will present a talk and a PowerPoint presentation “The Needle of the Compass”—the Lunar Nodes in Action. The luminaries are the two most powerful influences in our life; the Nodes combine their cycles to time not only the eclipses but the unfolding of our lives. The cycle of the nodes is 18.6 years, meaning we might experience five in a course of long life. Nothing works in isolation and these derived points interact with the ones that help define our destiny at fairly short intervals to ensure we keep heading toward True North both individually and collectively.

Anne Massey is professional astrologer and author of Venus her Cycles, Symbols and Myths. She teaches courses at all levels of astrology and offers private tutoring via telephone and Skype. Read her bio and find additional information on her website: and blog To inquire about classes and consultations call her office at 604.574-9545 or send an e-mail to
The Guild was founded October 17, 1991 at 19:45 PDT in Fleetwood, Surrey by 29 astrologers. On that day Neptune and Uranus flanked the North Node in the eighth house. It is an astrological guild after all. We are a Libra Sun organization with loads of planets in Scorpio, and we always gather for a dinner before our meeting and take a social break half way through our monthly talk. Members also tend to arrive and/or leave in pairs. Last month we experience our first Nodal return and this will be followed by a progressed New Moon at 13°Scorpio 32’, the degree of our Nodes is also 13°.

2 thoughts on “The Guild celebrates its 19th anniversary in October 2010

  1. It will be interesting to see which direction the guild chooses to set its sight for the next 18.6 years. The nodes are like a compass the South Node showcases are talents, our past and where we have been. The North Node points to the direction in which we are going the unexplored, and all new experiences.

    So which direction does the Guild choose to go? Come to the Dinner to find out! Lets have dinner, hear a fanastic talk, and toast the Guild to many happy returns.

  2. This will be a great time, imagine we are now 19 years old! and … a lecture on the Nodes.. in my humble opinion the nodes and the moon are the key to unlocking your path. I am really looking forward to this event. Dawn

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