The Momentous Astrological Influences of 2020 – History in the Making:

The Momentous Astrological Influences of 2020 – History in the Making:  Thursday, January 9, 2020 – 7:30 pm – 9:15 pm, Anvil Centre, New Westminster, BC

2020 opens with a rare multi-faceted planetary alignment in Capricorn, the likes we have not seen in 800 years.  Outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will complete and launch short-term cycles (20 years, 33 years) and long-term cycles (180 years, 248 years; Pluto is also making its way through the twilight of the Age of Pisces). Capricorn is the archetype of time and reality. Pluto’s transit through this sign swings the wrecking ball on any structure or reality (social, political, economic) that has outworn its purpose. Marking the beginning of a new decade and a new world era, 2020 is a major reset year for the personal life journey and for the outer world reality too.

Join Evolutionary Astrologer Rose Marcus for an overview of the planetary influences for 2020.

About the Speaker:

Rose Marcus

Evolutionary Astrologer,

ISAR CAP (Certified Astrology Professional)

Clairvoyant; Tarot Reader

Author: Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, Lewellyn Worldwide Publishers

Columnist: Weekly Forecasts published on-line every Thursday by the Georgia Straight Newspaper

Astrology Software: Solar Fire Distributor

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