The Year Ahead 2013 with Rose Marcus – January 10

Rose will share her thoughts on the transits for 2013.

Beginning with a new term for the US president, more worries over the world wide economy and national security, and more push come to shove on the controversial issue of oil production and pipelines, 2013 takes us into our second year of the Uranus square Pluto transit cycle, and first full year of Saturn in Scorpio. A mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto, along with five eclipses across the Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis makes is sure to keep the intensity going strong.

About Rose Marcus

Evolutionary Astrologer/Teacher, ISAR C.A.P.

Over the years Evolutionary Astrologer Rose Marcus has written for numerous publications and projects. (Rose wrote the daily forecasts for The Mountain Astrologer in 2007/08). Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrology”, Llewellyn Worldwide, was released in July, 2010.

Lecture engagements for 2013 include The Edmonton Astrology Association Conference in April, 2013, and Norwac in Seattle, May 2013.

Currently Rose publishes an in-depth monthly forecast on her website and writes a weekly astrology column for The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, which is published on line every Thursday: On the last Wednesday of every month, Rose joins host Kristin Fontana on Guiding Stars Radio, to discuss the transits for the month ahead. An archive of the radio show podcasts and more can be found on Rose’s website.

Inquire about personal consultations or subscribe to Rose’s monthly horoscopes via email:

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