Toby Aldren – Planets, Signs, Houses: Mixing Without Mixing Up – Thursday, October 10, 2019

Planets, Signs, Houses: Mixing Without Mixing Up (Lecture) – 7:30 pm – 9:15 pm, Anvil Centre, New Westminster, BC

Similar to learning any new language, when we begin a study of astrology we are soon faced with numerous astrological parts of speech.  How do we combine them into meaningful sentences, leading to the creation of valid interpretations?  This simple method provides a user-friendly framework to show you how.  Although geared to beginners, experienced astrologers may find this approach useful for teaching others.

Toby Aldren, DFAstrolS

Toby Aldren’s journey with astrology began in childhood, fed by his father’s fascination of the night sky and his older sister’s ability to quote from Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Shortly after moving to Vancouver in the early 1990s, he rediscovered astrology and soon found a treasure of knowledge at Banyen Books. He enrolled in a correspondence course with the Faculty Of Astrological Studies, London, earning the Faculty Scholarship for highest results on the Certificate Exam in 1998. Years later, he is now a tutor for the Faculty, working with students around the world through Distance Learning and Online Classes, and teaching at the Faculty’s Summer School in Oxford. Toby has spoken at national and international conferences, yet equally enjoys teaching classes here at home. Website:


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