Two Sides of One Coin by Phyllis Chubb

One phrase caught my attention recently: ‘two shall become as one’. Could it be possible the strength of the Tropical zodiac is its representation of external activity and the resulting conditions? Whereas the Sidereal zodiac’s strength is to emphasize what cannot be seen, such as an individual’s inner experiences?

I’ve been exploring this ‘wild idea’ by applying the Vedic techniques of Atmakaraka (AK) and Arudha Lagna (AL) to Tropical charts. The results have been amazing. At a recent lecture to attendees, all of whom were Tropical astrologers, I applied this technique to a group of charts. The results surprised me as well as the audience.

One Western astrologer wrote and asked her chart be evaluated in the same way. Her response is being shared with her permission to do so. “WOW – very well said! Thank you so much on this!!! It is bag on, as what you have done with others”.

So, what was she responding to? Below is a copy of what I sent her and her two charts.

Here is the breakdown of your Sidereal chart below

Atmakaraka (AK) is Mars. This says it is important for you to speak your mind immediately rather then waiting until you are mad or feeling like you are being used. If you can do that it will prevent the build up of resentment within you. If there is a build up you have a problem and so does everyone else around you because you will blow sky high every once in a while, when you have had enough. Keeping everyone happy is not always the way to go because if you agree with what everyone else wants they have no way of knowing how you are really feeling. Hope that makes sense.

The face of God that you relate to is shown by the Sun, therefore God to you has a male face and is a traditional or patriarchal philosophy. I believe you are Catholic and that would certainly fit.

Your Arudha Lagna (AL)which I didn’t get to talk about for everyone is in Leo and that is why everyone sees you as a leader! So, basically you are stuck with that image. (She has been elected President of a group once again.)

As an example, the second chart is your Tropical chart done in a whole sign pattern and I will describe the AK and AL as they show in that chart.

AK is Saturn. This means you have many people dropping their problems at your feet but when you have a problem you must deal with it yourself. The point here is you must learn to avoid resentment or feeling abused. This is your karma so let negative feelings slide through you. I can’t speak to your philosophy here because I don’t have a divisional or varga chart in the Tropical system.
AL is Libra holding exalted Saturn in the 11th house. Therefore, you are seen as being an executive-type of person: detail is important. You will be seen as having wealth and not overly warm but rather somewhat stand-offish even thought this isn’t true, it is how you are initially seen by strangers.

Please let me know if I am even in the ball park because I am trying to gather as many examples as possible. See the difference between the information pertaining to the two systems. The sidereal chart emphasized things that can’t be seen. AK Mars= how you feel on the inside vs AK Saturn= how you act in the world. AL sidereal = your leadership is seen whereas in the tropical chart your external wellbeing and authority is seen. 

The test of any pudding is in the eating and so far the response has been positive. Does this mean the theory is right? No, it doesn’t, but where there is smoke, there is fire so as I dig deeper something valuable may be found. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Tropical and Sidereal astrology turned out to be two sides of one coin?

By Phyllis Chubb

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