Upcoming Workshop with Lee Lehman

Lee Lehman will be presenting on the following Topics;

Thursday March 8, 2012 Talk 7:30-9:30 PM

The Part of Fortune: Its History and Use: This lecture examines the ideas that have been advanced behind the meaning and use of the Part of Fortune, including the question of which way to calculate it for persons born at night. We will also examine how to use Fortuna as the starting point for an alternate house system.

Friday Night March 9, 2012 lecture 7:00-9:30PM

The Logic of Electional: To many astrologers, the rules of electional astrology seem clear enough, but the process of actually sitting down and applying them seems opaque. This lecture focuses on how to approach the ephemeris to find what you want for a particular electional. It also shows some tricks for finding the Ascendant that you want.

Saturday March 10, 2012 Workshop 10AM-5PM

Essential and Accidental Dignities: This workshop considers the material from the rulership and “Sky” lectures above in considerable depth. It is basically a study of the relationship between planetary placement by sign, degree and house and the intrinsic functioning of that planet. This system shows the difference between the concepts of strength and affinity, and thereby re-examines the recent idea of the twelve letter alphabet. The different kinds of essential dignities – Rulership, Exaltation, Triplicity, Term and Face – are discussed, as well as the detriments and peregrine planets. Both the traditional accidental dignities, such as angularity and retrogradation, and the Hellenistic concepts, like diurnal and nocturnal, are presented and explained.

Sunday March 11, 2012 Workshop: 10AM -5PM

Note this workshop will be held in Langley City. For details contact the executive, details on the page marked executive in the links below banner.

Medical Astrology: We begin by studying wellness: what is the best way for each individual to stay healthy through diet, exercise, and life style. We then consider how transits, profections, progressions, or other dynamic chart movement can impact the body, and whether particular patterns are likely to lead to disease. We then consider what makes a successful surgery chart, and examine some examples of charts for when people have manifested illnesses in order to learn how to diagnose the severity of the problem, ideas for treatment, prognosis, and whether their health care provider is doing a good job.

Continuing this as a four or five session series of online workshops is a distinct option, please contact Sukwinder @ sukhwinder@astrologyguild.com about signing up for this option. (limited space available)
*** Prerequisite for this On-line course is March 11 2012 – Medical Astrology Workshop ***

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