Uranus moves into Aries


We live on a natural flight path; eagles, hawks, gulls, crows, swallows and sparrows fly above and I am able to catch glimpses of the more exotic ones once every few days. Today I saw a hawk, a young one testing out his wings. It is also the wind alley behind our north-facing back door. Anything that flies through the air is associated with the element of air. Air is about flights of fancy, ideas, logic, rationality, thinking, speaking, writing, and expressing our thoughts. That young hawk reminded me about the upcoming changes. The ones that begin this month are with us for seven years. This is therefore a process not a singular event.

Uranus or Ouranos, the sky god is changing residences. Over the past few months, and especially over the past month or so, most of us have felt very distracted—too many irons in the fire or being stretched too thin, faced with too many obligations, etc.—the words you choose tend to reveal your elemental make-up. There is a lot of de-cluttering that must be done when we get ready to move, and that is what the big move Uranus is about to make is creating for each one of us; an urgent need to clear up space, finish things and get ready for the next seven years.

When watching the news in the now and over the next seven years, you are likely to notice the many news about natural disasters, landslides, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earth quakes—all kinds of phenomena that change the landscape. Over the next 7 years, our landscapes are changing, some through revolutions, some through hostile takeovers and others because the structures are not solid. Uranus represents those disruptions, sudden events that launch a new beginning, and with it our inner and outer landscapes are altered.


Uranus represents disruptions, sudden events that launch a new beginning, and with it our inner and outer landscapes are altered. 2011 is the moving year for two of the transpersonal planets. Transpersonal refers to the fact that it tends to be outside of our experience and/or out of our control. The three transpersonal planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Dormant energy is awakened. Moving house is stressful. There is de-cluttering, discarding and packing we need to do. We need to clean the place we are leaving. It is difficult to concentrate on our ordinary obligations when the space we are leaving is being pulled apart and we have to decide what we want to pack and what needs to be tossed out. We come across items that bring up memories and potentially find things we thought we’d lost forever. Settling into the new takes time, having moved a year ago for a first time in almost two decades, I think it takes a year…

  • Time line of Preview: May 27-August 13, 2010
  • Time line for Main Event: March 11, 2011-May 15, 2018
  • Timeline for Review: November 6, 2018 to March 6, 2019

Previous occurrence: March 31, 1927 –November 4, 1927 (preview), January 13, 1928-June 6, 1934 (main event) and October 10, 1934-March 28, 1935 (review)

Uranus has been in Pisces since 2003 and seven year is a long time for something to be ‘shaken’ up. This energy gets us out of a rut and brings unpredictable events into our lives. While Uranus has been in Pisces we have seen all kinds of breakthroughs in medicine—new ways of healing the body. We have seen water related natural catastrophes, such as tsunamis. Just before the preview in 2010 (see dates), ash was billowing out of the volcano in Iceland— Eyjafjallajokull— for several weeks, disrupting flights into and out of Europe. This Ash, fire, volcano are more of Aries words than ones that resonate with Pisces. What is interesting, however, if the fact that the unpronounceable word— Eyjafjallajokull—refers to a glacier, under which the volcanic activity is taking place. The activity is under ice, which definitely is associated with water, it is trying to get to the surface… seems to say that a change is coming. The reason I chose to talk about this event and link it to Uranus is because it reflects the nature of the planet. In 2003 I used an image of a prophet with a horn being struck by lightning. For Uranus in Aries fire has to be present, and a volcano rumbles and makes promises about exploding for years, decades ahead of the event. We know something is about to happen, we just don’t know exactly what the impact will be.

When Uranus moved into Aries last time Mt. Etna erupted, the town was destroyed and by the end of the seven year period it was rebuilt to a higher standard. People were evacuated in an orderly fashion and according to Wikipedia we able to take many of their possessions with them.

Uranus is one of the outer planets—one of the big boys—and associated with the sky. Outer planets in transit are not something we integrate into our lives, often the events that could be associated from an astrological perspective to take place outside of our personal experience. The second thing to remember is that Uranus tends to be unpredictable. We might not be able to speculate what, but can typically figure out the area of life.

Those of us born with the Sun or another personal planet in Aries are likely to notice this the most. If you were to talk to a Pisces person about the last seven years, they would have a few big stories to tell. Typically the story begins with completely unexpected, out of the blue, decided to break free, quit my job and moved to the other side of the world. There is shock value to our Uranus-related stories.

Tug of War

Over the next seven years we have other planetary configurations in play, which were not part of the equation eight decades ago (peak years 1932-1934). Saturn and Uranus finished their confrontational dance in 2010. That ‘tango’ went on for just two years. Now Uranus and Pluto have conflicting goals for five years beginning in 2012 and lasting until 2017. The cycle of Uranus is 84 years. It is one of the energies involved in our midlife crises around age 40-42. Pluto is now firmly lodged in Capricorn—he has settled in for the long haul— slowly creating a process of change in the global economy, structures and foundations—both literal and virtual—which are no longer viable. One of the key concepts for Pluto is culling, eliminating the weak. We are witnessing the revolutions in the Middle East, which has been a volatile geographic area for decades. Governments and all governing bodies are under stress to work with transparency and to follow traditional, conservative rules of leadership. It is about doing it right, being just and fair and working toward common goals.

I wrote about the financial markets last year in my blog, stating that I didn’t see sustainable recovery until 2011—economists are beginning to state the same thing. I think that in their forecasts they avoid prognosis that it too negative, and opt to only address the next six months. Stock Exchanges are talking mergers, Toronto Stock Exchange with the London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange with the German Stock Exchange. Might these be hostile takeovers, well astrologically speaking, the planets involved in such big shifts of how massive assets are exchanged, are not friendly or particularly interested in what is good for individuals.

Years of action and change

This year and next there is a lot of cardinal activity. The word cardinal means important, pivotal and in terms of astrology, action. Uranus has been associated with divorce since about the mid-seventies, when divorce became rather commonplace. Many sources state that Uranus transits through the seventh house mean divorce—that would mean that one 12th of us, statistically speaking, would opt to end our marriage. That simply goes against common sense. We just might meet people who are able to break us out of routine relationships, open our eyes and ears to something beyond the mundane humdrum existence. Uranus represents unique, unpredictable and out of the blue energy—we can apply the energy by doing something unique to us. Uranus equals Eureka; it is about those aha moments in life.

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