Vancouver Riot

The riot apparently began after 1st period, which would have been around 5:45 pm or later but the media did not catch on as the game was in play (. It was in full swing until at least 11. 30 pm. (I when out for dinner as soon as the game was over, somewhere after 7 pm, perhaps 7:30 pm and there were no media reports at that time.)

Note the lunar eclipse Sun/Moon and south node contact to progressed Chiron on natal Vesta (protection, safety). The police were not on top of the situation. Interviewed later, the police chief stated that throughout the games, the huge crowds were well behaved and they had no expectation that there would be trouble. This is puzzling as back in 1994 the same thing happened but to a lesser extent. The eclipse Sun/Mercury and south node in Gemini describes the roaming rampage and also the multiple cars that were set on fire. The mob went from site to site and apparently the police lagged behind by about 45 minutes, this according to media reports. Also, the police shut down public transit, in order to quell the riot, but essentially what they did was trap people (Chiron wound to Vesta) in the downtown core, making it difficult for them to leave. (Apparently some bus were runnig.)

Chart of Vancouver

Chiron on Vesta and the 7th house position (birth time is unknown, the chart is set for midnight), are also a suggestion of Vancouver’s wounded image to the world. (Image and appearance is a 7th house thing.) A bit of healing and civic pride was repaired when a facebook call for volunteer clean up, lead to over a hundred private individuals showing up at 7am the next morning. Damage was significant, reported in the millions.

Transiting Uranus on Sedna suggests an “overthrow by the undertow”. The shocking, unexpected, wild, extreme, out of control subversive/destructive element. (An abduction by evil.)

Transiting Eris (the golden apple contest) opposed progressed Mars in Libra (distorted and extreme reaction; the one sided results of the game; Vancouver’s reputation tarnished.)

Transiting Mars conjunct progressed Neptune is another statement about the absenteeism of the police, and their under-rating of the potential for violence (Neptune/Pisces can be a signature for unresolved anger, Mars is a trigger).

vancouver riot
Photo: Rich Lam, Freelancer

The story: 29 year old Scott Jones is from Perth Australia and is pictured here comforting his girlfriend Alex Thomas who was apparently knocked down accidentally by one of the riot police and was hurt. (photo, freelancer Rich Lam).

by Rose Marcus

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  1. That was an awful event. The power of the lunar eclipse for the sheer lunacy coupled with the incendiary energy of Uranus in Aries… not something that was entirely predictable but then we don’t like to speculate on the worst possible.

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