Venus in Aries 112 days

“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.”— Persian Proverb

Venus typically spends about three weeks in a sign. Every 18 months, she breaks this rule. In 2009, Venus will be in Aries from February 2 until April 22 and again from April 23-until June 6. She will also spend extra time in Pisces: 42 days. January 3 until February 2 and April 11-23, 2009. Venus will be retrograde March 6-April 17. Read the article by choosing to

Throughout February Venus is brilliant in the sky shortly after sunset for about 2-3 hours. Venus is approaching Earth and when something is closest to us it has a bigger impact than something at a great distance-it feels personal. The Venus in Aries themes repeat from the Spring of 2001, 1993, 1985, 1977, etc. Deduct 8 years to get the other years, typically there are 13 periods involving a sign over a 100-year period.

Rx station at 15° Aries 28; New Venus at 7° Aries 16′ and the Direct station at 29° Pisces 12′

The major theme for times when Venus moves backwards, retracing her steps in the sky, is re-evaluation. The question posed is ‘do you love it?’ Astrologically Speaking we can look at what ‘it’ is by assessing where Venus in your personal chart during these 156 days, by area of life and in her relationship with other energies in your horoscope. If Venus is travelling through the first house it is about you, your attitude and vitality. The question you might find yourself pondering is whether you are living up to your own expectations. Do you like who you have become and what you are doing with your life? Naturally, if one of those degrees—the stationary ones or the New Venus degree—happen to be conjunct your Ascendant the themes are even more personal as now it directly linked to your identity, actions and approach to life.

The second house is one of the easiest to delineate, it is about money and what we happen to value. It is time to re-evaluate what you do with money, how you earn it and what you feel you are worth both in practical terms but also in terms of feeling appreciated. I like to keep it simple with houses; typically we can nail the essence with the most common themes in each house. The third house is associated with communication, our thought processes and travel. You can readily find the words on most websites and any beginner astrology book. The essence of the Venus cycle is that once every eight years we find ourselves dealing with similar types of issues until we learn to appreciate the concepts these contain.

The dates listed above give us specifics in timing, and the dates from prior years give us periods which tend to link together by personal themes in our lives. In 2001, I had Venus in my third house for four months and learned web design; I launched the Guild site with the Venus direct station that spring. In 1993 I decided to go back to school and refresh my accounting skills. In 1985 I began to teach full-time at a corporation. In 1977 I decided to move to Australia-all highly significant events and all rather descriptive of third house. I have my Moon in that house at 11°Aries. Any potential influence becomes stronger when a personal planet is involved. The strongest is of course a conjunction, then the opposition and a square. This however needs to be to the significant degrees. This time those are 15°Aries 28′, 7°Aries 16′ and 29°Pisces12′-the first one is the retrograde station and the last one is the direct station. The one in the middle is the New Venus; the orb you may ask, I think 2 degrees is more than enough. The cycle moves backwards in the sign, thus in 2001 the New Venus was about 9°Aries and the direct station about 1°Aries. In terms of now, if you have a planet at 13-15 Aries, 5-7 Aries or 27-29 Pisces you are likely to remember this Spring.

I think that the planet that is at the stationary degrees of Venus or at the conjunction-the New Venus-degree defines how and with which tools you will work the event/issue in your life and that the house very clearly defines what kind of event or issue you are most likely to have. Venus may delay but she does not deny, remember that if you find yourself fretting over something you thought you should have.

On a political front it may be interesting to watch what happens this Spring in Canada as we have 17°Aries 22′ on the Ascendant based on the midnight chart on July 1, 1867, which means that Venus will remain in the 12th house of our national chart until May. The retrograde station is on our Neptune. In political terms the 12th house contains meetings behind the scenes, institutions and the power behind the throne. Canada held elections in 2004 with Venus Rx in Gemini and 2006 with Venus Rx in Capricorn-don’t expect elections now but what is the potential deception? Venus rules money and our interactions with the World in the national chart. In 2001 Chrétien was the Prime Minister and Clark was calling Chrétien to step down as prime minister until a public inquiry looks into whether he violated the conflict-of-interest guidelines governing members of Parliament. We might have zero interest rate decreed by the bank of Canada; we are at 1% currently.

I will be writing about Canadian politics on my blog; it is a fascinating break from writing about natal charts—less need to be cognizant of emotions.

© Anne Massey, January 18, 2009

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  1. Anne: can you do an reasonably accurate natal chart without a time of birth? I of course have date and place but no time of my birth.
    Please let me know, thank you B.

  2. We can see a lot from the Sun sign alone, more if we have the date of birth, and without a birth time we lose some timing, but we can work with that chart. So reasonably accurate, absolutely.

  3. Anne: some questions about the natal chart:

    can we proceed by email
    what is a natal chart
    what do you need to contruct one
    what is the cost
    what info can it provide to me
    I’ve not seen a chart of myself, do you have suggestions/questions

    thank you Barbara

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