Venus in Pisces Transit by Chakrapani

Transit of Venus in Pisces by Chakrapani Ullal—January 27, 2009 – May 30, 2009

Evaluating planetary transits at any given period of time gives us insight into general global trends and the mood and tenor of the environment at hand. In observing the current transit of Venus which runs through the end of May, we can see an unusually powerful influence which merits our attention.

Venus entered Pisces on the 27th of January 2009. Normally Venus stays in one sign for about 30 days. In this instance Venus will be in Pisces for four months, until the 30th of May 2009. Venus is exalted when it transits Pisces and generally gives positive and powerful results.  However when Venus goes retrograde in March it gives debilitated results, and further, during retrograde when it gets combust, most of the fine qualities of Venus like feelings, affections, love, and so forth are dramatically diminished. 

Generally speaking, the influence of Venus will be very much in evidence during this transit bringing enhanced influence in the areas of wealth and comfort.  This is because, during this unusual transit, Venus, powerful in its exalted sign, goes retrograde combust, which gives extreme results, bringing dramatic loss and gains in the area of finances.  Aside from its potential for problems in economics, when Venus goes retrograde and combust it also creates a significant dampening affect in the area of relationships.  The influence of the Venus retrograde combust begins to be felt well before March 7; you can say it is there even at the beginning of the Venus transit, and continues long past its transit in Pisces. 

These particular themes are further underscored by the current transit of Jupiter and Saturn which also brings challenges in the areas mentioned above.  The transit of Jupiter and Saturn continues until the end of 2009. 

Throughout the Venus transit it will bring an enhancement of spiritual values, the affect of which will be felt long thereafter.

Venus transit in Pisces comes in contact initially with Poorvabhadra Nakshastra ruled by the Jupiter, then it moves into Uttarabhadra ruled by Saturn on the 31st of January. Thereafter it enters into Revati Nakshastra ruled by Mercury on the 18th of February. It continues moving back and forth through Uttarabhadra and Ravati until the transit ends May 30th.

Given the current financial environment we are particularly interested to note what influence Venus will have on current economic trends.  Essentially, the Venus transit introduces a certain amount of imbalance in the areas related to money and wealth.  Venus in this position can bring the loss of money, increased expenditure, or, on the other hand, the opportunity to gain unusual amounts of money, often more than expected.  How this is expressed, and to what degree depends on the individual’s chart.

As one might expect, the Venus transit promotes its orb of influence in all areas of beauty and creativity. Thus, gradually, in the coming year, despite the somber economic environment, there will be, in the area of design, a heightened sense of color, design, decoration, and fashion; all these aspects are uplifted and improved. During this period, that part of society that is not affected by the financial woes suffered by many will have a greater interest in fashion, beauty and health and beauty procedures including plastic surgery and so forth.  They may be reluctant to show this interest, but the Venus influence will be expressing itself this way, none-the-less.

Venus becomes retrograde on the 6th of March at 21° Pisces and continues to retrograde until the 17th of April.  It then becomes direct at 5° Pisces in the constellation of Saturn and enters Mercury constellation on the 20th of May and remains there until the 30th of May 2009.

During retrograde Venus it comes in contact with Sun and gets combust. When Venus gets combust with the Sun, it is what you could describe as burnt by the rays of the Sun. Venus is not a friend of Sun, nor Sun a friend of Venus; they influence each other in a process called combustion which is not harmonizing of each other’s influence.  Rather, each planet affects the other in a kind of mutual conflict which especially affects Venus in diminishing its altruistic influence.  Essentially, in Venus combust Sun, the Sun’s fiery nature alters Venus aspects such that its expression in the area of love, affection and feelings in general is moderated and significantly diminished.

People tend to be very much attached to the planet Venus because of its influence on relationships and love.  During the retrograde combust transit, (Venus crossing the Sun), there will be a significant moderating influence which effectively diminishes the intensity and grip of emotional attachments connected with love, relationships and marriage. The intensity of feelings can be reduced in all these relationships. Although this is often the case, those relationships which are strong and well-grounded will not be so much affected.

This combust affect is created, generally speaking, because the Sun effectively burns out the emotional sensitivity of the Venus thereby causing a gradual reduction in the degree of attachment people experience in their emotional relationships.  Because of this influence, Venus will slowly promote feelings of independence and self-dependence among both men and women, but especially women.  In some cases it brings detachment and may result in separation or divorce.  Therefore it is recommended that one be cautious about getting into conflicts with one’s partners during this period.

Venus is an artist and therefore it supports all manner of art and creativity.  Depending on the position of Venus in the chart of a particular individual, the combust retrograde transit has the power to increase creative expression and creative talents.  The individuals who are affected will experience increased joy from their creativity whilst they will have an awareness of a reduction in intensity in the areas of relationships and attachment, thereby increasing their spirit of independence.  This ultimately enables such people to have an increased social presence in social activities.  In effect, you will be able to observe within the overall society, people will become more active than before.  An increase of social activities will take place which will ultimately be good for the community at large.

Overall, the transit of Venus when it goes retrograde will bring a lessening of emotional attachment in relationships which can be observed on a broad scale and will definitely result in increased discord amongst famous or celebrity couples. In some of these cases there will be highly publicized divorces. Although this will be due to the retrograde Venus of this period, sometimes the final result may not manifest immediately. Rather, the influences that come into play during the months ahead may, in some cases, not reach a culmination for up to 2 ½ years.  This Venus is a very powerful influence which carries implications or effect for a significant period of time.

The indications discussed thus far triggered by the Venus retrograde combustion and eclipse creates an affect that will last for one full year although the far-reaching influence of this trigger will continue to be felt for years to come.

Venus is referred to as guru of the demons, meaning the domain of Venus is that of spiritual guide to the mortals, (whereas Jupiter is spiritual guide of the gods). A guru does not distinguish between people, as all are individuals to be treated equally with benefic grace.  With this idea in mind, the current unusual transit of Venus ushers forth a period of enhanced activity in the area of spiritual growth and awareness of the common people even, at times, if there was a lack of interest in the past.

During this period we can anticipate the growth of philosophical and spiritual practices, and the desire amongst people to evolve to greater heights in terms of their spiritual awareness.  Although ones spiritual practices are a private affair, this influence will bear fruit over a period of time which will be observed as a general evolution of consciousness.  Even though it is a slow process, many people will be involved in turning their attention in the direction of spiritual values.

Copyright Chakrapani Ullal 2009

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  1. Hi there – can you explain a little why venus is interpreted as transiting pisces at the moment, when traditional astrology has venus in aries now?

  2. Venus is in Aries from the perspective of tropical astrology–the most common form of astrology in Canada, US, etc. From the Vedic Perspective (and the sidereal, i.e. star-based). All planets are approx. 24 degrees earlier in the Zodiac. The analysis is what is valid regardless of the system used. On this site we have an article from both Western and Vedic perspective. Hope that helps. Anne

  3. What happens to Uttrabhadra after venus leaves pisces on may 30 th?
    Will relationships settle down?

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