Welcome to our New President

Alison PriceI am delighted to announce that we have a new president for the Guild. Alison Price is a certified, professional astrologer who teaches, consults and writes about astrology. You can read her bio at her website www.starzology.com  and she is listed under our astrologers as well. Alison is presenting a talk at the Guild in April, the details will be in our upcoming newsletter. You can write to her at alison@starzology.com and astroguild@gmail.com and subscribe to announcements we send our members and readers about the Guild events and more.

It is exciting that we have a double Leo to take the Guild forward into its 22nd year. Alison will have a full executive working with her with a revitalized direction. Alison is an active blogger and will be one of the editors on our blog as well. Welcome, Alison! Anne Massey will continue as the past president in an advisory capacity and will be the newsletter Editor for this term (2012-13).

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