What kind of warrior are you?

In November following our AGM we will have an interactive roundtable about Mars. Mars spends six weeks in a sign is what we learn. However, once every couple of years he is retrograde and at the same time spends up to eight long months in one sign. This time just like back in November 1964-end of June 1965, Mars will be in Virgo from November 10 until July 3, 2012. We will be talking about Mars in the natal chart and Mars in action or ‘inaction’. We want to hear about what kind of warrior you are, the one that battles with words, prefers a gun, knitting needles, surgical knife, hand to hand combat, or simply engages in wishing something to be a certain way. Anne will bring a sheet of data about the travels of Mars…you bring your thoughts and ideas about Mars, it will be interesting as our round-tables (sans the table) tend to be.

This is an image of a bronze statue of Mars, found it on Wikipedia. No armour, and quite the pose, appears almost genderless or actually more effiminate…

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