Winds of Change January 9

AnneMasseyCollectively we have a hard time with change. However to live is to change, and some years bring more of that uncertainty into our lives. This year cycles of long duration meet with personal planetary cycles of long duration—it becomes personal. The element of water remains the prominent one as does the cardinal mode. This translates to emotions and action. In this talk we will be looking at the planetary weather for the year with the primary focus on how it affects each sign.

Anne Massey is a full-time professional astrologer offering consultations, classes and tutoring. She currently writes a monthly column—the Living Sky ( and her book on Venus was published in 2006. Behind the scenes Anne is working on a couple of manuscripts for astrological textbooks. Anne combines classical astrology techniques with contemporary astrology in her work. Her blog is at

All of our talks are free for our members, who continue to support astrology in our area. Non-members are welcome to any our talks and pay a drop-in fee of $10 at the door.


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