Workshop in September with Kelly Surtees

The Fraser Valley Astrological Guild is hosting a workshop with Kelly Surtees in September.  Workshop Kelly Surtees sept 2013

Register by paying with PayPal; Click on the image to open the brochure, note that Kelly will be available for consultations during her stay in Vancouver. September 12, 2013 Thursday evening: Kelly Surtees–  (Orangeville, ON) presents Enhancing Natal Chart Work

Considering day vs. night charts, prioritising aspects, discussing traditional concepts like planet strength and what they say about areas of ease or challenge in life. This lecture takes you behind simple planet/sign/house and aspect interpretations to help you get into the heart of the chart.

There are many ways to interpret a chart, but focussing on connections to angles, as well as the dominant planets (which change for each chart and will be discussed on the night) you’ll discover simple yet effective processes to help make your natal work deeper.

September 14, 2013 – Saturday full day workshop Blending Forecasting Techniques for Maximum Predictive Power

Exploring the best ways to combine different predictive tools like fidaria, progressions and transits. Come along and learn about fidaria’s take on planetary periods and how to work with them. Suggestions around prioritising transits or secondary progressions based on fidaria cycles are included. Bring your own charts for personal application in the afternoon.

Consultations with Kelly Surtees
Kelly will be offering chart consultations whilst she is in town. She will be available on Friday, September 13 and Sunday, September 15, 2013.

Costs are $160 CAD for 60mins or $230 CAD for 90mins. Extra charts, like partner’s or children’s can be included for no extra cost.

Kelly can be reached via  for consultation bookings whilst she is in Vancouver and surrounds.

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