Year Ahead 2015 with Rose Marcus

  • When: January 8, 2015 at 7:30 PM
  • 2015—The Year to Come: Aim Higher
  • Where: 317 Columbia Street at the premises of ISA
  • All our events are open to the public, drop in fee $10 for non-members

Rose_Marcus-100About Rose Marcus

Evolutionary Astrologer and author Rose Marcus has written for numerous publications and projects over the years. Her first book, Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, Lewellyn Worldwide was published in 2010. Rose will present two lectures at Norwac, May 2015. (Book early and save:

In addition to writing monthly forecasts for her website, Rose is published weekly by the Vancouver Georgia Straight Newspaper. (Read it on line: Every last Wednesday of the month Rose discusses the upcoming transits on Guiding Stars with Kristin Fontana: The radio shows are archived on Rose’s website. Sign up for Rose’s monthly newsletter or book a reading with Rose: or email:

2015 – The Year to Come: Aim Higher

March 2015 will complete the last of seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares, a leave-no-stone-unturned transit that has been hitting it hard since 2012. It is by no means done with us! Uranus/Pluto will continue their teamwork through the next several years.
Saturn’s first year through Sagittarius will bring more solid evidence of the future that lies before us. If there’s something blocking our way, Saturn in Sagittarius will use it for target practice until we figure out how to move it or to work around it. What’s empowering, what’s undermining, what’s necessary, most compelling? Mid-June to mid- September, Saturn revisits Scorpio for one last come-to-terms-with-it review.
Starting the year in retrograde, Jupiter in Leo turns the searchlight inward so that we can re-energize our creative center. Mid-April to mid-August, Jupiter in Leo’s solar power is on a full battery recharge. As of mid-August onward, Jupiter in Virgo will increase our opportunity to correct, fix, learn, and heal. Join Rose for a overview of the transits for 2015.

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