Zodiac Stamps: Aries

Beginning March 21st, following the Spring Equinox, Canada Post begins it series on the Zodiac with the release of the first stamp in honour of Aries.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, heralds the beginning of a new year, the first day of spring, when the days and nights are of equal length.  The symbol for the sign is the ram; the glyph drawn as the nose and horns of the male sheep.

Aries is concerned with new beginnings and people born under the sign often have a youthful quality much like the new growth of spring; they are filled with the sense of everything coming alive. Aries natives are outgoing, self-motivated, enthusiastic, full of drive and initiative. They can be decisive, charging ahead to take the lead, often acting spontaneously, on impulse. Like the Ram, Aries is adventurous and tends to seek out what is new, exciting, perhaps even dangerous. Aries can be foolhardy and reckless. Phrases such as “locking horns” or “the battering ram” might summon up an aggressive and confrontational approach, as Aries can be self-centred and not well versed in the art of negotiation. It is challenging for those with this sign to consider the opinions of others and change course once it has been set. Aries often becomes impatient when faced with slow downs, extra baggage, or diversions that stand in the way of their aims. Not known for patience, Aries experiences their needs with a sense of urgency that leaves little time for thought or reflection. Aries acts, steps forward into the unknown fearlessly and has a reputation for being courageous. Aries natives are often considered pioneers and natural leaders.  The key phrase for Aries is “I am.”

The Aries stamp features the ram’s head in the foreground, with the constellation Bélier in the background.  You can have a look at the stamp and read about the stamp’s design at the following link:


Order a booklet of 10 for $5.90, and the Official First Day Cover for $1.59. Collect all the First Day Covers to form a wheel of all the Zodiac Sun Signs.

The zodiac series of 12 stamps will be issued over the next three years. This year’s releases include: Taurus (April 21), Gemini (May 22), and Cancer (June 22.) In July, Canada Post also releases a souvenir sheet of this year’s 4 stamps.

I’ll try to post the link for each of the stamps to remind members about future releases.

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